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DM800 RELEASE 20090909

DM800 RELEASE 20090909

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DM800 RELEASE 20090909


DM800 RELEASE 20090909


DM800 RELEASE 20090909


Enigma2: Release 2.5
Machine: Dreambox dm800
Date: 20090909
Issuer: Dream Multimedia TV
MD5: 2b57e8cfb393670f00f7a3e02b8d0660

* Release 20081025 -> Release Candidate 20090310 *
enigma2/plugins (rel2.4 20081025 -> rel2.5 20090303)
cosmetical changes
translation fixes and updates
don't rely on hdd standby timer, but manage own idle timer.
fix playback of media files (last few seconds of a file did not play)
DVB-T scan fixes
dont clear terrestrial and cable transponders when not needed
and in short description title
filter illegal (newline) characters to fix Dr.Dish TV records
better handling for non-accessible directories
use default record path when current doesnt exist
fix standby for hardware without scart switch
add check for invalid fec in cable delivery descriptor
some DiSEqC(tm) fixes (fix "tune failed" problems with some diseqc switches)
fix pro7 'vpts did not increase when seeking'-bug (this fixes skipping > 8x in SD recordings)
DVB subtitle fixes
teletext subtitle fixes
aspectratio/Framerate/Progressive stuff fixes
internal epgcache title search fixes
allow separate configuration of aspect ratio
cache movie filelengths in .meta file
fix playback of "original" video-cds
support much more audio/video codecs encapsulated in TS files (not all stb hardware can handle all codecs!!!)
dont use pat/pmt when the dxNoDVB Flag is set
LNB Config fixes
add Support for DVB-S2 in satfinder and positioner setup
timer fixes
add timer conflict checking
code cleanups and performance fixes
fix id3 tag reading on MP3s
tuner snrdb calculation fixes
add possibility to change start/end time in timer edit with Vol/Bouquet +/-
add m4a as audio extension
GraphMultiEpg fixes
add possibility to always switch to 13V before do sec commands
decode id3 cover art images embedded into mp3 files and show them in mediaplayer
picload.cpp: fix 32bpp pngs
allow setting tags from timer menu
allows to configure the path for timeshift recordings via gui
add possibility to set Pilot also for DVB-S2 non 8PSK Transponders (i.e. the new Euro1080 Transponder on 7�E)
networkConfig / nameserver fixes
mediaPlayer: fix imports, introduce config and settings screen for repeat playlist, save playlist on exit and default start directory, implement file delete.
add possibility to change delay after diseqc reset command and delay after diseqc peripherial poweron command via satellite equipment control plugin
fix non working option "Set Voltage and 22KHz"
more flexible diseqc / sat config
long keypress on INFO key either brings up single servie EPG view screen like right now or, if any plugins of new type WHERE_EVENTINFO are installed like GraphMultiEPG
timer sanity check fixes
some stability fixes
fix coverart displaying, allow using cover art with all different image formats, remove some debug prints
allow reading jfif embedded exif thumbnails from jpeg files and use them to speed up thumbnail view in pictureplayer plugin
add virtual keyboard as easy input help (currently used in NetworkConfig/Wlan Setup)
add .mp2 as supported filetype
fix non working timer disable for recurring timers
add flac and mp4 support
better h264 compatibility
some subtitles fixes for mediaplayback
some hotplug fixes

drivers (20080605 -> 20090310)
add support for auto pilot tone (dvb-s2)
add possibility to set oled contrast and brightness
add mp3 hardware decode support
add support for dream keyboard
add 2nd policy for video content > 16:9
add support for h264 cinemascope video content
add some changes for the autoresolution plugin
add possibility to select hdmi colorspace via /proc/stb/video/hdmi_colorspace
add support for pilot tone for all lpdc modes not only for 8psk
add possibility to set fallback framerate ... for better mediaplaying support
fix left/stereo/right settings for hdmi output
fix tone_amplitude setting for alps-bsbe2 frontend again
fix wss signal on parallel cvbs out
fix some scaling problems
fix remote control layer 3 and 4
fix some demux problems
fixed some ac3 problems
fixed some DVI problems
fixed some smartcard reader problems
improved stability
improved remote control sensibility
improved picture quality with interlaced output modes
dvb-c / dvb-t frontend driver optimizations
higher demux bandwith to support more HD recordings at the same time
faster channel change with dvb-c frontend
lower mem consumption by drivers .. so we have now 160MB for linux
changelog DM800 release 20090716

* Release Candidate 20090310 -> 20090603 *
enigma2/plugins (20090303 -> 20090603)
no more show the mediaplayer gui after skipping with number keys
fixed e2 crash on much harddisc tranfers (standby handling)
a little bit faster e2 startup
dont ask for subservice to record from when only one subservice is available in epg event
fix in nmbsd.ttf font for polish epg
small fix for aac audio in .mov files
fixed Astra HD and Anixe HD in default transponderlist and default bouquet
fixed problem with epg on some services introduced by the prev polish epg fix
more fixes for polish epg
faster pluginlist reload
fix not working mediaplayer on first startup
fix not working dvd player on first startup
fix crash in virtual keyboard
fix audio pid caching
no more stop playback of a running recording in some conditions
fix frequently crash (font render fix)
show correct audio/video pid in service info screen
fix record handling on pmt changes
small fixes for DVB-T scan when transponder use not proper TSID/ONID
show both audio language names(in one line) in audio selection when a single PID with two mono audio tracks is used
add 7 day EPG for viasat on 5?E
add more tsid/onid combinations for feed detection
more robust satellites.xml parsing
some timer collision check backports
fix crashes on skip forward/backward in pvr playbacks
fix not working radio still picture in some conditions
fix incorrect showed duration in mediaplayer infobar
fix encoding on upc direct transponders
take care for transmitted teletext subtitle hide flag
backport some frontend changes
fix mediaplayer socket leaks
backport diseqc tester plugin

drivers (20090310 -> 20090603)
TS fix for Alps BSBE2
Alps BSBE1 C01A wakeup fix
some radio fixes (services with corrupt or none PCR)
optimized ir driver for original dream remote control
Mute problems fixed (when mute was enabled in ac3 mode and switched to a service without ac3)
demux "feed_cb but filter not GO" bug fixed (i.e. this fixes frequently crashes on cyfrowy polsat channels)
working on dvb-t tuner initialisation problems
more demux fixes
fix crash on "HD-Test ARD ZDF"
fixes for better skipping in dvd player
fixes for better stillframe support for dvd player
small audio mute changes during skip and pcm -> compressed transition
small performance fix

* Release Candidate 20090603 -> Release 20090721 *
enigma2/plugins (20090603 -> 20090721)
cyfrowy polsat epg fixes
add support for ISO/IEC 10646-1 aka UTF-16 encoded dvb texts (epg)
better streamtype detection for transport streams
add subtitle scaling support for HD Skins
some ttx subtitle fixes
some mediaplayer subtitle sync fixes
add more valid tv service types
fix channelselection provider filtering
fix recording filenames ... max size is now 240 chars + extension
longer SDT timeout for working servicescan on "dish network"
default services and favourites updated
store current audio/subtitle track also for recorded TS files
dont stop running playback when a timer start fails in background

drivers (20090603 -> 20090720)
small smartcardreader fixes
internal fixes for better end of file detection
some fixes for still experimental vtuner support
revert changes to get rid of clicking/crackling noise during pcm -> ac3 transition
fix no more responding kernel during PS playback in some conditions
some video scaling fixes
fix no more working TS playback after PS playback
alps-bsbe2 fix for Symbolrates equal to 30000
add dvbnet support
fix progressive/interlaced detection
fix possible kernel oops on output mode resolution change
add possibility to set a negative audio delay (this then delays video)

* Release Candidate 20090721 -> 20090822 *
enigma2/plugins (20090721 -> 20090822)
fix incorrect network-enabled-indicator in network setup
more robust PMT streamtype detection
add dishnetwork scan support
fix dvb subtitles on sky brazil
some dvb-text encoding fixes/improvements
serbian translation added
slovenian translation added
slovakian translation added
fix standby in dvd player
fix subtitle handling on timeshift/live transition
fix playback of ts recording with pmt changes (regional service windows)
add support for BBC-HD dvb subtitles
motor turning improvements
fix timeshift/live transition when skipping forward
fix parallel recording of the same event on different services
add crashlog auto submitter plugin
add genuine dreambox plugin
hide all screens on shutdown (this fixes non empty oled display after shutdown in some conditions)
apply timer lead in/out only once on timer add via web interface

drivers (20090720 -> 20090820)
fix for playback of MPEG2 HD 1080p (converted H264 file with mkv2vob was not working.. green screen)
improved H264 compatibility (higher bitrates, higher level, more reference frames)
vtuner support for settings tuner informations added (still experimental)

* Release Candidate 20090822 -> 20090822a *
enigma2-plugins (20090822 -> 20090823)
small fix in genuinedreambox plugin

drivers (20090820 -> 20090822)
fix deinterlacer handling in auto mode

* Release Candidate 20090822a -> Release 20090909 *
enigma2-plugins (20090823 -> 20090905)
generic translation updates
backport some fixes from experimental branch

enigma2 (20090823 -> 20090905)
add keymap selection for dreambox keyboard
generic translation updates
another small srt subtitles fix

drivers (20090822 -> 20090907)
fixed deinterlacer handling in auto mode 2nd try
fixed 1080p24/p30 hdmi output via AV-Receiver
fixed 720p24 hdmi output

DM800 RELEASE 20090909 Screenshot

DM800 RELEASE 20090909

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