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DM600PVR TestImage of 090418

DM600PVR TestImage of 090418

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DM600PVR TestImage of 090418


DM600PVR TestImage of 090418


DM600PVR TestImage of 090418


Enigma2_2.6 of 090415 - faster enigma and possibility of using many new plugins.

For satellite, cable and includes Adenin unicable patch.

Better recording and playback with hdd (no lipsync problem now).

Some new 2.6 plugins patched for dm600pvr - more to follow.

Yuv enabled and other improvements.

Special shortcut : Button 0 -> Extra Setup


The image can be installed in flash or on multiboot (suggest plugin Barry Allen).
To keep the image size down, many useful software items are not included in the image. These are available for download via Addonmanager. Before using the plugins please install at least the item "twisted".
For the same reason - only languages "en" and "de" are included. The others will be available for download.

If installing in flash - give these telnet commands (please use cf or usb for hdd if appropriate) :-


init 4 
killall -9 enigma2 
mv /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions /media/hdd
mv /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages /media/hdd 
ln -sfn /media/hdd/Extensions /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions 
ln -sfn /media/hdd/site-packages /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages 
init 3

These commands will move the folders Extensions and site-packages to /media/hdd and make symlinks in their original locations. Please check that this has happened.

All plugins in future will go to hdd, cf or usb and you have 3.6 MB available in flash.

Installing Emulators

Menu - Extra Setup - Addonmanager - download and install emulator.
Menu - Extra Setup - Emumanager - start emu. Reboot the first time.

The emulator will auto-start at future reboots.

Installing Plugins, skins, software etc

Menu - Extra Setup - Addonmanager - Download and install addon.
Menu - Extra Setup - Addonmanager - View Install log.

Manual Install

Ftp the .ipk to /tmp folder. Then :-

Menu - Extra Setup - Addonmanager - Manual install

Automount cifs and nfs

Menu - Extra Setup - Userconfig - edit mount command
Menu - Extra Setup - Mountmanager - Start

Will automount at future reboots.

Recording to hdd/cifs/nfs

Red button - choose device

Playback from hdd/cifs/nfs

Video button - choose device.

7 day epg :

Based on plugin e2_loadepg. If a channel does not show epg, the reason will be given in /media/hdd/e2_loadepg.log. The main reasons are - epg not available, channel is not selected for epg, or the channel or provider name does not agree with that in lamedb. In that case please edit the channellist.conf files in folder /usr/lib/enigma2/python/DF/e2_loadepg/dl_modules.
The format for a channel in the list is - id=n,channel name[,provider name] where :-
n=0 (channel NOT selected for epg); n=1 (selected)

channel name and provider name are the names of the channel and its provider in /etc/enigma2/lamedb. The provider name can be omitted if it is same as the Default Provider at the top of the list. If no provider name in lamedb then use the word noprovider.
The epg days can be changed in the .conf files in the /dl_modules folder.

EPG Vorgehensweise (alle Dateien und Verzeichnisse liegen in


(1) In e2_loadepg.conf - providername(n) anpassen in DOWNLOAD_MODULES= bskyb (Beispiel).

(2) In bskyb.conf (Beispiel) - MAX_DAY_EPG= anpassen der Tage fürs verfügbare Epg (von 1 bis 7, für nova muss 7 eingestellt sein!).

(3) Danach auf der dreambox - Menü -> Extra Menu -> Update epg.

Dann das MenÜ verlassesn - das update des EPG kann einige Zeit dauern, endet aber mit einem

Enigma2 - Neustart.

(4) Wenn für ein Kanal (iin diesem Beispiel vom Provider bskyb) kein EPG vorhanden ist, kann man in /media/hdd/e2_loadepg.log den Grund dafür nachlesen. Die Hauptursachen hierfür sind, wenn das EPG nicht verfügbar ist, der Kanal ist nicht für das update ausgewählt, oder der
Kanal-/Providername stimmt nicht mit dem Eintrag in der lamdb überein. Für letzteres muss man die bskyb-channellist.conf (in diesem Beispiel) in /e2_loadepg/dl_modules anpassen.

Das Format für einen Eintrag in dieser *.conf ist : id=n,channel name[,provider name] wobei :-

n=0 (Kanal NICHT fürs EPG ausgewählt); n=1 (fürs EPG ausgewählt).

Kanal-/Providername sind die Namen des Kanals bzw. dessen Providers in /etc/enigma2/lamedb.

Der Providername kann ausgelassen werden, wenn er dem Default-Provider am Anfang der Liste entspricht. Wenn in der in lamedb kein Providername steht dann muss noprovider eingetragen werden.


(1) Put the Enigma2 picon folder in '/media/cf/', or, '/media/usb/', or (2) make a new folder

'picon' with selected icons and put this folder in /usr/share/enigma2/

User Scripts

ftp userscripts to /etc/scripts.


Edit by ftp the crontab file (in /etc) as usual with time and command etc. Start Crond from setup window and reboot. An example crontab is in the image which will create a folder cronresult in /etc. Crond will run after future reboots until stopped.


Edit the file inadyn.conf in /etc with your inadyn info e.g. usrname, password, alias. The example file is for the setup.
Telnet command > /usr/bin/inadyn --h for other options. Inadyn can be started and stopped from

the setup window and will run after future reboots until stopped.

Also - view inadyn.log.


The image is set to include pmt.tmp in /tmp from start. If any emu start kills it, it can be restarted from the setup window. Check pmt.tmp window.


Default Skin - Nemesis.GlassLine .

Special thanks to :-

Gutemine, Cassiopeia 2000, Hein Holz for advice and various patches, tunhj1 and LeoGR specially for testing, development suggestions, and of course many other friends for suggestions.

All log files can be found in /tmp.

No emus or keys included.

Regards, pcd.

DM600PVR TestImage of 090418 Screenshot

DM600PVR TestImage of 090418

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