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rqcamd v1.10

rqcamd v1.10

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  • Post on: 2009-02-01 20:50

rqcamd v1.10


rqcamd v1.10


rqcamd v1.10


Added "softcam sharing" capabilities. Only newcamd protocol is
   supported at the moment. This opens many interesting posibilities,
   Run rqcamd in any of the supported platforms (ppc, mips, x86) and
   * Use rqcamd's softcam from any newcamd protocol capable client,
     such as: Emunation (Win32 DVB PCI), vdr-sc/sasc-ng (Linux DVB PCI).
   * Run a rqcamd softcam server in a local network and share the softcam
  among any combination of boxes including other supported boxes
  running rqcamd. In this setup, if needed, only the server would have
  to be updated on each ECM.
   NOTE: The softcam servers are disabled by default. Review the new
   parameters in the provider sections of the configuration file to enable
   and configure them (each provider can run a separate instance of the
   softcam server).
   NOTE: The parameters have been added to the webif, however, to use this
   new feature, you *must* use the configuration file included in this
 - Fix for current DISH MECM.

rqcamd v1.10 Screenshot

rqcamd v1.10

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